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About Us

Brian Berghaus, son of founder Len Berghaus, grew with the company and eventually became its Vice President in 1999 and President in 2004.  To mark the new era of Berghaus organs, the name of the firm was officially changed to Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders, Inc. around this time.

Brian brings with him a wealth of knowledge in chest construction and high-end woodworking, along with a deep desire to lead an effective team.  Another key focus for Brian is productivity.  Knowing that the old workshop had its limitations due to size, Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders, Inc. relocated from their 6,700 square foot shop to a new facility just a mile away. Brian assembled a team of organ builders to progress the Berghaus sound, while still holding true to the meticulous voicing traditions that have always been a hallmark.


Kelly Monette, Head Tonal Finisher, took up the responsibilities of scaling, voicing and tonal design around 2005. In collaboration with the Tonal Director, Monette brought the firm into exciting new directions with landmark instruments at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Chevy Chase, Maryland, La Casa De Cristo Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, St. Jerome Catholic Church in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and many others. At this point, tonal attention toward strong foundation and warmth was no longer experimental, but well developed.

Today, having built or rebuilt over 200 instruments across the United States, Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders, Inc. continues to advance, leading the pipe organ industry in the design, construction, and voicing of fine pipe organs.  With a passionate emphasis on both tonal and visual design, we're honored to cultivate the making of exceptional music by crafting the highest quality instruments for generations to enjoy.

Our Facilities

Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders is located at 2151 Madison Street, Bellwood, Illinois. Bellwood is near historic Oak Park and is just minutes away from downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport.

Our shop features 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 5,000 square feet of office space. The manufacturing and office areas were remodeled in 2005 and expanded to suit organizational and workflow needs. In addition, a 38-foot high set-up room was constructed to ensure that large and complex casework can be fully assembled prior to being packed and shipped. Some of the newest technologies recently added to the workshop include a large-format CNC machine and a 3-D printer, which not only enhances production but also create the opportunity for in-house prototyping.

The main production floor is divided into sections that correspond to milling, fabrication, and assembly. The production area also includes a set-up room and finishing booth; both of which are designed to efficiently handle any components. There are a number of adjacent “clean rooms” dedicated to the fabrication, assembly and installation of delicate mechanisms and electronic systems. There are also dedicated rooms for pipe cleaning and pipe repair. Ample storage is available throughout the facility.


Four voicing rooms are separated from the main production area - free from outside noise. The voicing workstations feature windchests of traditional slider, electro-pneumatic, and direct-valve electric design. 

We are also blessed to have an abundance of general office and conference space - housing the tonal and structural design departments, the service department, the marketing department, and staff offices.

Please contact us to arrange a tour. We'd love to have you!


Our Associations

Craftsmanship is at the heart of our pipe organs!


Artisans at Berghaus are deeply committed to their work - from the tiny details of daily tasks to general organ building philosophies. To advance our knowledge and the art of organ building, our firm and many of our staff maintain active memberships in several organizations including:


Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders is proud to incorporate the highest construction standards and the finest materials into every instrument we build or maintain.

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