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Tuning & Service 

Proper care and maintenance of your pipe organ will insure countless years of trouble-free service. Whether you require a routine tuning or a complete restoration, Berghaus has the experience and the resources to successfully complete the project. Tuning represents the heart of the service department.


Skilled Berghaus technicians work carefully to tune each instrument to the builder’s specifications. Proper tuning is predicated on the temperament established by the builder, the tuning mechanism associated with each pipe, and conditions related to temperature and humidity. Although temporarily affected by environmental changes, a properly tuned organ can be expected to hold its tune for approximately six months. Agreements that provide spring and fall tunings are recommended and can be arranged by contacting the service manager. Tunings can also be scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders is adept at working on all types of pipe organs. We will be happy to discuss any project you may be considering.

  • Restorations

  • Rebuilds

  • Relocations

  • Releathering

  • Fire Restorations

  • Water Damage Repair

  • Tuning & General Service

  • New Consoles

  • Console Upgrades

  • Solid State Conversions

  • Tonal Additions

  • Revoicing

Please contact our Service Department for more information: 
2151 Madison Street
Bellwood, Illinois 60104

Fax: 708-544-4058

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