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Wayne L. Wagner, Ph.D. — Consultant — Zion Lutheran Church, Columbus, Wisconsin

As consultant to Zion Lutheran Church in Columbus, Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to inspect the Berghaus organ upon its completion in September 2015. Just as I anticipated, I found it to be well done and meeting or exceeding expectations. Blending pipework from several very divergent sources undoubtedly was not an easy task, but one that was accomplished with a very satisfying result. I enjoyed the time spent on the instrument.


As I built and tried a number of different hymn playing combinations, I found these ensembles to be very pleasing and workable with good leading qualities that were full and had depth but were not harsh. I look forward to hearing them function in the dedication services. The three reeds in the Swell division offer unique solo possibilities, as does the cornet décomposé in the Great division. All in all, I am confident that the organ will meet the needs of Lutheran liturgical services very well for many decades.

In addition, the visual impact of the organ façade fits the building well. The layout of the chamber was well planned, with components accessible for service and tuning. Everything looked very neat and orderly. I have been most pleased to work with Brian and the rest of the Berghaus staff. I look forward to having another opportunity to do so in the future.

Peggy Kelley Reinburg, M.Mus — Consultant — St. Benedict's Parish, Chesapeake, Virginia

As consultant to the Parish for their pipe organ project, I outlined several goals, including a work of tonal and visual beauty and integrity, an instrument that could support numerous schools of literature while bringing listeners to the depths of faith and the heights of emotion, and a pipe organ with its own identity built by a distinctive builder.

Seven major American builders were originally consulted. After performing a recital on their instrument for St. John’s Episcopal Church, Norwood Parish, in Chevy Chase, MD, I was convinced that Berghaus should be considered, especially after constraints of finances and space became the decisive factors.

The opportunity of meeting the majority of craftsmen who participated in this project at the workshop, and the pleasure of building a working relationship with them during the installation, have been great delights. Throughout my career, every memo I have saved based on involvement with organs and organ building and every wish included on my organ “bucket list” has been a consideration in consulting on this particular instrument. The realization of a majority of of the desires and demands it fulfills and the strict standards it represents are causes for immense celebration!

Rev. Neal A. Nichols, F.S.S.P — Pastor — St. Benedict's Parish, Chesapeake, Virginia

St. Benedict’s Parish is one of two parishes in the Diocese of Richmond which offers exclusively the Latin Mass. Therefore, the necessity of an instrument to accompany Gregorian Chant was paramount. Additionally, the choir loft of our church is framed by a beautiful stained glass window which could not be obscured.

We found in Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders a company which, first, listened to our needs; second, worked within our parameters and restrictions both structural and financial; and, third, crafted a noble and grand pipe organ.

St. Benedict’s is now the proud new owner of a beautiful two manual and pedal electric slider and electro-pneumatic pipe organ. From the initial meeting to the final installation, Berghaus’ staff exhibited profound knowledge of their craft and performed this work in a very professional manner. We could not be happier!

Based on our experience working with their entire team, I can unreservedly recommend Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders for all your pipe organ needs.

Richard Saltsman — St. John's Episcopal Church, Chevy Chase, MD

Purchasing a new pipe organ and selecting the builder to undertake the work is truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” project and few churches have the resident expertise. So, what should a church look for in an organ builder? The ability to clearly explain the purchase and building process? An interest in listening to the needs/wants/limitations of the church? The desire to assure that the new organ meets the needs of the church? A proven track record of completed instruments? A complement of craftsmen capable of creating a beautiful instrument that can produce equally beautiful music? Company representatives and artisans that are good to work with? The answer to all of these questions is “yes,” and these are the qualities that made Berghaus our organ builder. Visit us and see and hear for yourself.

Sanford L. Glazer — Facilities & Construction Manager — Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago; Queen of All Saints Basilica, Chicago, Illinois

I am very pleased to be able to recommend the Berghaus Organ Company. I worked with Brian Berghaus and the Berghaus construction and installation crews for over 12 months on the organ installation at Queen of All Saints Basilica. During the entire process, the Berghaus Company was very accommodating with regard to the Basilica’s tremendously restrictive schedule. In addition, the installation of the organ occurred during exterior stone restoration, which created excessive dust and noise. Berghaus was able to work alongside the parish and around all these obstacles to complete the project on time. I believe you will find working with the Berghaus Company to be a rewarding process

Thomas F. Gull — Parish Business Manager — Ascension Catholic Church, Oak Park, Illinois

Ascension Parish is the proud steward of a 40 rank, three manual and pedal Berghaus pipe organ. We chose Berghaus to replace our venerable 1929 Kilgen because of their fine reputation for craftsmanship and their impeccable service record. Throughout the entire project, they went out of their way to help us acquire an instrument that could both serve the needs of the liturgy as well as provide us with a design that would enable us to perform organ literature from a variety of periods.


As we met with the Berghaus organization to discuss the design of the instrument, we knew right away that we had chosen the best firm. We knew that for Berghaus, this was not just another job, but a way to help bring the assembly closer to God through music.

The installation of the organ was a complicated process that required the removal of the existing organ. This also gave Ascension Church the opportunity to remove, restore and reinstall our rose window. In addition, the electric system in the choir loft was upgraded, the heating system was repositioned, the maple floor was restored, and structural supports were added. Throughout this process, the Berghaus organization helped us coordinate all of the many trades people. It should also be said that installing a pipe organ in an active church presents its own set of challenges. Berghaus was willing to adjust their daily installation schedule without complaint. Installation began in August and the organ was played for the first time at Mass on Thanksgiving Day. Advent and Christmas were beautiful.

On January 6, 2005, a small fire was discovered in our usher’s room that caused significant smoke damage throughout the entire church. Berghaus sent in their team and coordinated the cleaning of the organ pipes with our insurance company. We would definitely recommend Berghaus Organ Company for your project!

David Anderson — Director of Music and Liturgy — Ascension Catholic Church, Oak Park, Illinois

The Berghaus Company has gone out of its way to provide us with a very worthy instrument. I’m thrilled, and the parishioners are thrilled, with the sound and beauty of the new organ! From my vantage point as organist, the new Berghaus has proven itself to be very versatile and has greatly enhanced the sung prayer of our community. The entire process has been amazing. From the start of discussions through the installation of the façade that looks as though it was always a part of the space, the Berghaus Company has been great to work with!

Rev. William J. Stenzel  — Pastor — St. Francis Xavier Parish, LaGrange, Illinois

Our conversations with Berghaus representatives were always about the prayer life of our church community and the place of music in that aspect of our church life. The desires, needs and resources of our community were always respected. They were respectful of the history of our parish, the goals of the renewal program and the limits of our financial resources. They were able to stretch and challenge us, but never attempted to oversell or intimidate.


Our experience with Berghaus Organ resulted in a wonderful process and a magnificent instrument. The design of the organ was the product of hours of conversation. Their architect’s regards for the integrity of the building resulted in a design that is absolutely complimentary of the original design of the church interior. I am very happy to highly recommend them and strongly encourage you to consider their services.

William R. Berg  — Director of Music — St. Raphael Catholic Church, Naperville, Illinois

I just have to write to all of you at Berghaus. The national AGO Convention was magnificent! And I know it was mainly because of all the work the Berghaus Organ Company put in to seeing that so many instruments were in excellent playing condition.


I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the St. Raphael event. The organ was simply stunning! Aaron David Miller was so pleased. All the convention attendees loved the instrument. It was absolutely perfect. The tuning was right in, the playing was outstanding, the music wonderful, and the organ and space really sang the praises of the wonderful Berghaus firm.

Everyone at Berghaus, you did an outstanding job! You should be so proud! I know I was. You built a magnificent instrument for this church and on behalf of this parish I say a huge thank you! As I close this chapter in my life and open another, I hope this will not be the end of our relationship. But even if it is, I want to say thank you for the outstanding commitment to quality, integrity and excellence in organ building that is the world-class Berghaus Organ Company.

Dr. Edward H. Meyer  — Pipe Organ Consultant — St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

This past Tuesday, June 06, 2006, a review of the newly erected organ at St. Stephen’s was completed. As we have come to expect of your company, the instrument is truly beautiful, both visually and tonally.

To all members of the Berghaus team, a special word of appreciation is extended. The organ meets our expectations. Permit me to cite a few individuals for their work. Abe’s work as layout designer / engineer was carried out most effectively. John and Kelly did outstanding work on the tonal side of the instrument. All members contributed to the completion of a fine instrument which the church truly treasures and which will serve for decades to come.

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