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Work in Progress

St. Giles CHURCH

New Console, Cleaning, and Revoicing of a 1964 Schlicker organ

We're pleased to be undertaking a comprehensive renovation of the Schlicker organ at St. Peter's. We are building a new console and rewiring the entire instrument with a Peterson ICS-4000 combination action and relay. Additionally we are cleaning the entire organ, replacing the Great 8 Principal and 4 Octave, and performing some corrective voicing. This work is being done in conjunction with some balcony renovations while the organ is removed. Matthew Doran is the Director of Music. 

St John's Lutheran Church

Cleaning, Solid-state renovation, and Revoicing of a 1978 Wicks organ

Beginning this summer, we will be embarking on a renovation of the large Wicks organ at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rockford. We will be retrofitting the existing console shell with all new solid-state components and a Peterson ICS-4000 combination action, cleaning the organ, replacing the swell shade mechanism, replacing the 8 Trompette en chamade windchest, and performing extensive revoicing in addition to some other minor tasks. Adam Singleton is the Cathedral's Organist and Director of Music. 


Berghaus Opus 16 Removal

Removing and Restoration of a 1976 Berghaus Organ


When Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL moved to a new building, unfortunately, there was no space designed for their organ. This instrument sat unused for several years until recently the new owners of the original church building were contemplating disposing of it to make way for their renovations. With the assistance of Mr. Wayne Kolzow and Good Shepherd parishioners, we removed the organ and relocated it to our shop where it awaits restoration and reinstallation in a church in Montana. 

First Congregational UCC, Dubuque, IA

Removal, Protection, and Cleaning of an 1869 Johnson organ

This large 1869 Johnson organ was electrified by Reuter in 1952 and further was renovated with a new console by Berghaus in 2011. Due to structural damage to the buildings walls surrounding the organ chamber, the entire historic casework and organ had to be removed in order for the building repairs to take place. Reinstallation was expected to take place in early 2023 but is on hold as the building repairs are completed.

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